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It’s a Secret to Everybody.

Taking a brief break to work on a special project. It is about 10,000 stitches and I think it will take about a month to complete. I don’t know if I will go straight through or alternate with my Legend of Zelda piece. It depends if I get bored or not.

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WIP Legend of Zelda Week Two

The good news is that I have completed one page out of about 38. There is a lot more work to do. I am pleased with the progress as I can now estimate how long it will take me if I stay at this pace. I expect to finish a page every two weeks. I…

WIP Frederick the Literate’ Snoozing Cat 

This is a project that I started for my mother. Not having as much fun as it requires a lot of blended stitches. Some progress has been made. It is on hold while I work on other WIPs. Get the kit on Amazon.

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