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WIP Legend of Zelda Week Two

The good news is that I have completed one page out of about 38. There is a lot more work to do. I am pleased with the progress as I can now estimate how long it will take me if I stay at this pace. I expect to finish a page every two weeks.

I joined two communities this week for cross stitch. The cross stitch Reddit. As well as this Discord server. It has given me people to talk to about one of my favorite hobbies. I’m grateful for that.

The last thing that I did is publish an eBook with ten of my mathematical cross stitch patterns in it. I have included, for the first time, my pride pattern! I don’t think anyone will ever buy but you never know.


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It’s a Secret to Everybody.

Taking a brief break to work on a special project. It is about 10,000 stitches and I think it will take about a month to complete. I don’t know if I will go straight through or alternate with my Legend of Zelda piece. It depends if I get bored or not.

WIP Frederick the Literate’ Snoozing Cat 

This is a project that I started for my mother. Not having as much fun as it requires a lot of blended stitches. Some progress has been made. It is on hold while I work on other WIPs. Get the kit on Amazon.

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