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It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This

I’ve been looking to up my game when it comes to cross stitch. I’m ready to tackle my first full coverage piece. I wanted something simple enough that I wouldn’t have much trouble and I chose this pattern from the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This is the Hyrule Light World map.

I purchased the pattern on Etsy in a bundle of 20 or so Legend of Zelda patterns.

I plan on documenting the process and expect that this pattern will take me 4 months or more.

I have purchased custom fabric from this store. It is a 10×10 grid 18 count aida. This way, I don’t have to start in the middle because the pattern is so large (20 inch x 20 inch.) I will also be stitching along the diagonal to avoid page lines. When needed, I will also be parking threads.

I’m using Stitchbow to store my floss as I already have the Stitchbow binder. My pattern came with stitch counts for each color so I’m organizing them by most stitches to least stitches. That way, I don’t have to hunt through all my floss to find the most used colors.

I will be working with a #28 Tapestry needle and a 17 x 17 Qsnap.


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